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My Strength - Vita500

Title: My Strength- Vita500
Pairing: YongSeo                 
Genre:  General, Comedy, Fluff?
Rating: G
Summary: Yong’s (open) secret to his every energetic performance stage.

Warning: A short one?

A/N: As usual, say it my style or what, the delusional me love to imagine their text message or conversation off-cam (or in real life). As I think keeping in touch is very important in any kind of relationship. Just like the mildang uri couple did and it works to make then closer. Whats after that will be keeping in contact and updating each other frequently. I strongly believe if one never fails to contact the other, the closeness in the relationship will never fade.

- Text message received
From: Yong –
“My lovely buin, sorry that I did not reply your message yesterday. I really had a long day.. Mianhae :( ”

 “Kwenchana oppa. I understand.. keke.. how about today? If I’m not wrong you just finished your fan sign right? :) ”

“Yes, and I need to really thank my beautiful buin that’s giving me strength. I’m feeling so energetic right now!”

“Oppa, what I did that gives you strength? We haven’t be seeing each other for quite sometime already..”

-Picture message received
From: Yong –
“You did Hyunnie. Zzang!! Hyun buin’s Vita500! :D”

 “Whoa! Oppa bought it? @.@”

 “Ani, uri fans gave those to me just now. And they hope that I’ll have strength from it. And it really works!! The drink is really nice and drinking from my buin’s bottle double up my energy level! Hyunnie, buy me more Vita500 if you still wanna see your nampyeon singing charismatically and energetically on stage. I only want those with your face on it. >.< ”

 “Ahrasso oppa.. can I say no? keke…”

3 days later. Its finally a day when CN Blue only have a schedule starting at noon. But the door bell rings early in the morning that a package was being delivered.

 -To: Jung Yo-ong and CN Blue-

 Smiling contentedly, Yong open the package knowing who is it that sent it.

Minhyuk: A carton of Vita500?

Yong: Yes :)

Jungshin: It’s all hyungsoonim’s face…

Jonghyun: I want Yonna’s.

Jungshin: I want Hyoyeon’s.

Minhyuk: I want to collect all 9!

Yong: ok then, I’ll keep them all for myself.

Jungshin: But Hyung! It’s written there for CN Blue too. You cant be selfish and keep them all for yourself!

Yong: You all are the ones who want the other girls’ bottle, go get them on your own!

Minhyuk: Kwenchanayo hyung, Seohyun’s is pretty as well.

Yong: Yah! She’s your hyungsoonim!

Jungshin: Ahrasso ahrasso!~


 -Picture message received
From: Yong-
(*jungshin and minhyuk kneeling and bowing showing gratitude*)
“The boys say thank you to their hyungsoonim!”

 -Text message received
From: Yong-
“Buin! Your black dragon is alive once and full of energy again! Komapta! And my yeoshin, SARANGHAE! <3”


A/N: My second fic. Still trying to improve myself to not write such choppy fics. As mentioned in my last fic, I got somemore conversations to write about and it’s all inspired by previous episode. But my brain hasn’t been functioning because of the ‘E’ episode. Hopefully I’ll be fine to continue. Thank you to those who commented my first fic. You guys keep my writing.. Chincha kamsahamnida! *bow*

Happiest Happiest Day

Title: Happiest Happiest Day
Pairing: Yonghwa/Seohyun
Genre: Fluff?
Rating: G
Summary: Conversations of text messages and phone calls. After their big E, CN Blue comeback! (they are still there for each other^^).

 -It has been a long day today. He just want to share his happiness with her.

-It has been a long tiring day for her too, after hours of practice for the upcoming Japan single. But the corners of her lips hangs ear to ear when she sees the LCD of her personal phone..

-Text message received,
From: Yong-

 “Buin I’m home! =D”

“How’s your day oppa? Oh, and congrats for your comeback! How was the guerilla concert? Did you enjoy it a lot? Are there a lot of fans?

 “One at a time buin-ah..Why are you more excited than me? Keke.. Everything today was good. Success. But I’m already feeling the pressure, even more than the time when we just started preparing the album.”

 “Himnae oppa! It’s just the start. Enjoy every moment you have on stage. Keke.. Hwaiting!!”

 This girl never fails to give me strength even with those simple words. As he was about to type a reply, another one comes in.

“And oh, I’m sorry. I read the news. Today suppose to be CN Blue’s big day, but the topic of me and WGM never fails to come out. :(

 “Why apologise silly? It’s not your fault and it’s something you and me cant control. Anyways, the boys are most happy to have Hyungsoonim mentioned as well as me. No worries okay? ^^”

 … …

 “Hyun, I’m sorry too. I almost forgot, our marriage already end. I’m too used to texting you at the end of everyday and keep calling you buin. Am I disturbing you? I’m sorry :(

 “Kwenchana oppa. Not disturbing, I’m already resting at my dorm. And don’t say sorry too silly. We can continue this if you really want to :)

 He reads the message again and again making sure he did not read wrongly and he could not hold any longer and dials the number without even thinking.

 “Hi oppa!”

 “Hyun, tell me you are serious about it.”

 “Wae oppa? Why you suddenly sound so serious? Speak slowly too, serious about what?”

 “You said I can still continue to text you everyday and call you buin. Are you serious about it?”

 “Yes, I’m serious. Why wouldn’t I be?”

 “Buin-ah, joahae..”

 She was left speechless by the sudden confession. She never dared to admit her feelings for him but she was certainly happy to continue the ‘daily messages and calling her buin’ offer.

 “Hyun… Hyun? You there?”

 “De, I’m here oppa. Thanks for being truthful to me, I’m sorry that I’ve never been truthful of my feelings to you.”

 “Since you are sorry about it then make me the happiest man tonight to make up for it.”

 “Oppa!! Chincha!!!”


 “Aigoo… De… Oppa… Nado… Joahae…’’

 He is already grinning giddily by himself in his room. Thinking back how she allows him to kiss her forehead during the wedding shoot.

 “Buin-ah, you will never know how your simple words can give me so much strength that I can fight against all odds to keep us, me and you, together.”

 “Thank you oppa. I’m sure I can face all difficulties too with you always with me…”


 He concludes today as his happiest happiest day out of the numerous happiest days he had while filming WGM. As he also thought of how Jonghyun do not have to worry about how he reduce his stress anymore.


A/N: It’s my first fan-fic. Sorry for the choppy piece, I don’t know if it’s good enough. And sorry if it sounds similar to some other pieces (I’m too obsessed with yongseo fics, I’m afraid it might just overlap).

Blame it on the delusional me to IMAGINE their conversations after schedules. I still have a few text messages conversation in mind. Will find time to write. Please comment and thank you for reading!


My Cute Student

 </lj-embed>He's Tyler from my Taekwondo class...
5 yrs old.. learning his new set of basic techniques.. although he didnt do very well but i'm proud of myself teaching him as he wouldnt even listen to me when he very first join.. keke...
he's cute isnt he? Korean look alike... that's partly why i love him too... wahahaha..



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